New Atlas 2016 small1Evansville, IN
April 1, 2016

Over the last few years Ed Cooper Jr. has amassed an arsenal of Allison Engines and the Go3Racing social media pages have shown you many pictures from the engine room, but what has been a closely guarded secret is the addition of a second haul. Today the new sister boat to “The Turbinator” came back from the painters and it is our pleasure to unveil the new U-33. The new boat nicknamed “The Blue Beast” will be piloted by longtime Go3 Driver Jimmy King’s son, Bobby King. “The younger King has been making a name for himself in the smaller classes the last few years and it seemed like a perfect way to keep the family together on race weekends” Cooper goes on to say.

Along with keeping the family together Cooper has been working closely with H1 Unlimited Chairman Steven David to help promote the fastest sport on water. “We wanted to help out the boat count for H1 Unlimited as well as give Bobby King a chance to show off his talents in the unlimited arena. With the World Headquarters of Atlas Van Lines being located right in our own backyard it made perfect since to get them onboard literally and the blue Atlas boat will compliment our traditional red with Grigg's Ace Hardware"

Last season with the help of Ace Hardware store owner Charlie Grigg, the Go3 team hit the water after a five year absence.  "Charlie was a terrific help in getting us back into the sport and he decided to stick with us the rest of the season as a crew member.  Grigg would be one of the first to get his hands dirty or the first to get the team donuts."

bobbykingWith more moving components in two Allison engines running at the same time than the whole field of turbines combined, Cooper has enlisted the help of many close friends to oversee the new operation including cre member Robert Grossman, Allison engine expert Dave Johnson, and former driver Ron Snyder.

“What were are trying to do with the addition of some of the vintage guys is show that vintage and new technology can work hand in hand. We don't want to forget our past while we forge ahead in new technology that we have now at our disposal” a jubilant Cooper exclaimed.

The Cooper Motorsports Team was hoping to have this project wrapped up in February but with boat builder Mike Hall purchasing a professional hockey team and Rick Bowles flying back and forth to Seattle to watch his beloved Seahawks it delayed the completion a couple of months.

“We will have a lot of work to do in the next few months but we are within our target range for making the season opener”

griggsaceLots of folks to thank that made this summer possible for the Go3 Racing Team. Without sponsorship, this race team could not race on the H1 Unlimited tour. Many, many associate sponsors came on board to help us get back on the water. We had two title sponsors this summer that we can't even begin to thank enough. Charlie Grigg and his stores,Grigg's Department Store in the Tri Cities, sponsored us for his hometown race as the Griggs presents Miss Ace Hardware. That kicked off our return to the circuit. Not only did we get a fabulous sponsor, we also gained a great friend in Charlie Grigg and his family. He's now a part of the Go3 family. Besides his sponsorship, he also became part of the crew at each of the 4 races this summer. Every hand helps in the pits on race weekends, and it was cool to work along side a friend in Charlie. Our partnership with Seattle based HomeStreet Bank began at Seafair, and carried on to Detroit and San Diego. This community oriented bank was a perfect fit for the Go3 Racing Team. Our team is one big family, and HomeStreet folks are as well.homestreet
We hope we can continue what we started this year with all our sponsors, big and small. Please thank all our sponsors and tell them you appreciate them and for supporting our team and this sport.

Even though their names are a bit smaller on the boat, our associate sponsors for the 2015 H1 Unlimited season are just as important as our two title sponsors. We definitely couldn't have done it with out them. Mitch Evans was intergral in getting us started with sponsorship by being first to step with his company Evans Marine. Whispering Turbines generously helped us out with their sponsorship on the piston boat! Tri Cities Insurance Professionals also jumped on board with their sponsorship and is our number one fan. Thanks, Gerald! Green City Heating and Air joined us in Seattle. Long time friend and Go3 supporter, Paul Parrish Limited generously helped us race all season long. Many thanks, Paul! The Buffalo Brothers, along with former Unlimited owner Tad Dean, also helped us with our racing efforts. Always on the side of the Turbinator is Hardy Brake and Electric and Smitty's Truck and Trailer Service. Without those two Evansville companies, we would never made it across the country twice this summer.

Our point with this post is it takes many folks who step up to sponsor the Big Red Turbinator on the H1 tour. We wanted to make sure our fans knew who they are and how much we appreciate their sponsorship.

Our fans. Wow! Words can't even begin to describe what you mean to this team. We felt so welcome at each stop this summer. All the kind words were so much appreciated. More than you will ever know. At times we were overwhelmed with the simple, "Glad you are back." For those of you who donated to the GoFundMe account, we hope you got your money's worth. Thank you for helping out and get us started on the road back.


From Ed and Barb Cooper, and the entire Go3 Racing Team, thank you so much for a fun 2015 H1 Unlimited season.

go3 seattletimesSeafair Saturday Provides Plenty of Action

August 1, 2015

SEATTLE---It wasn't the championship final, but the preliminary heats provided more than enough action on the first day of H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing Saturday at the Albert Lee Cup at Seafair.

From the tight battle with Jimmy Shane outlasting Cal Phipps to the Jimmy King’s first heat win since the 2009 Seafair race then to the battle of the day when J Michael Kelly came from behind to edge the race’s top qualifier Jean Theoret, the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane fleet provided a glimpse of what type of battle could take place for the championship Sunday on Lake Washington.

While Shane in the Oberto started the day with a good battle outlasting Phipps in the Dalton Industries hydroplane, the next two preliminary heats created the big stories.

First, Jimmy King won his first heat since 2009 in the Allison powered Homestreet Bank boat and then J Michael Kelly in the Graham Trucking U-5 came from behind to edge the race’s fastest qualifier Jean Theoret in the Ellstrom Elam Plus.

Not only did he outrace the turbine engine-powered fleet in his piston-powered craft, after the heat King raced to his computer to watch with his son Robbie win his second heat of racing in the 2500 Formula category in an inboard regatta in Quebec, Canada.

“It is a good day for the King family,” said King. “We did everything we wanted to do to win our heat and Robbie just won his second heat of racing. We had all sorts of issues last week in Tri-Cities, and I just feel good for Ed (Cooper) our owner. They did a lot of work on this boat and it shows.”

Lon Sun8The Go3 Racing Team is very proud to announce that we will continue our partnership with HomeStreet Bank  (NYSE: HMST) for the remainder of the 2015 H1 Unlimited season.

The Miss HomeStreet Bank will compete in the Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest (August 22-23) and the San Diego Bayfair (September 18-20).

Also we would like to thank our associate sponsors Evans Marine Service, Whispering Turbines, Paul Parish Limited, Green City Heating and Air Conditioning, and Hardy Brake and Electric.

We also can't forget our loyal fans, many of which generously donated to our GoFundMe account, and helped get us back on the water this summer.

Without the fantastic sponsorship of HomeStreet Bank and all our associate sponsors, we could not do what we love to do, and do best: race the Big Red Turbinator!HomeStreet2

The Miss HomeStreet Bank is coming off a hard earned 4th place finish at the Albert Lee Appliance Cup in Seattle, after starting the final heat in the trailer position. Jimmy King fought hard and moved the Go3 thru the field, at one point closing in on a podium spot. We have high hopes of improving on that in Detroit next weekend.

Jimmy has piloted the Miss HomeStreet Bank to a 1st and 2nd place this summer in heat racing. The Big Red Turbinator stands 7th out of the 13 boat H1 fleet in National High points, and is closing in on the Go Fast Turn Left team for 6th place.

Now in its 95th year, Northwest-based HomeStreet Bank is a diversified financial services company with 102 retail deposit branches and lending centers in the Western US and Hawaii. They have been serving folks in their financial needs since 1921.

For more on HomeStreet Bank, “LIKE” them on Facebook and thank them for their sponsorship of the Go3 Racing Team and supporting Unlimited Hydroplane racing.

Check out their website at .

After making the more than 2000 mile journey home, the team is preparing for the Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest next weekend. Two tough weekends racing on the Columbia River and Lake Washington have left the Big Red Turbinator a bit battered, but repairs the veteran Go3 Racing crew can’t handle. She'll be race ready.

The next time you'll see the Miss HomeStreet Bank on the water is testing in Detroit on Saturday August 22, with qualifying on the same day.
The final heat is scheduled for 4:10pm on Sunday.

Click here to see onboard video of the Miss HomeStreet Bank looking back at the 3000+ horespowered Allison V12 engine.  Click here for the video.